Week3 consultation

This week I rethink about my topic and shape what I want to communicate and how I want to communicate. What I want to show is how much we have been manipulated by instant world. It may start with little things in your daily life but when you consume them everyday for an amount of time. You will not be able to live without it and we all know that too much of something always cause some bad affect.

What I found from researching is that they are a affects that cause by using too much technologies / relying too much on conveniences objects and services.

  • poor attention span
  • anxiety, depression
  • lack of personal social connection
  • ability to focus
  • social skills
  • loneliness
  • behavioural manipulation
  • radicalisation
  • loss capacity for analytical thinking
  • memory
  • creativity

These can be shown on the process of how people analyze something, we used the OODA cycle which consist of observe, orient, decide, and act but after human rely on the instant objects too much they start to skip this process. It can be seen easily on how people comment on social media. When they receive some information they likely to react to it immediately without considering.

So I want to show these affect through the work by the process that i did it. At first I want to communicate as the third person view, but because I am also one of that people who live in the instant world too. It makes me decide to tell this story as the fist person view, from someone who want to show the opposite side of the things that we think we can rely on.