Prare-ngam Legtsittiphan
2 min readJan 4, 2021

Visual experiment on lottery

I want to adapt the works of Karel Martens on paying attention to the details. From reading his article and seeing his works. It makes me think of the pixel in the way that I wasn’t thinking about at first. To make the cross stitch pattern, it is easier to work on when it is pixel and in the other way pixel can remind people to the detail of the picture. Like when you zoom in to see the little details in the picture, it turns out to become pixel. So I think about mixing it to the work of Thanathorn Suppakijjumnong. But I want to hide the details of instant gratification on the picture.

At first I wan to use lottery as a visual because for me I think lottery can represent instant success. If you won lottery, you got money and you can use that money to buy whatever services and products you want. But I also don’t think that people will recall of lottery when talking about instant culture. So I want to explore more if there are anything that can represent my work better.