visual experiment and research development

Prare-ngam Legtsittiphan
1 min readJan 4, 2021


After rethink of the object that can make people understand about instant culture, I think about lottery. People buy lottery because they are aiming for the big result. It is the thing that can show how people put little effort but hope to get the big outcome. It was built on the desire of instant gratification.

I also went to see the Marco movement of material ii exhibition at Rosewood hotel last month and want to explore more about using lottery as a visual or material.

Fulfill, 2020, Typewritten on Awagami Kozo (Thick) White 110g. paper, Print lottery, 100 x 100 cm

Thanathorn Suppakijjumnong’s new series complex printing methods highlight multinational materials, this series uses the award-winning Lottalies to create orphanages, in terms of fulfilling various materials happiness with many teachings to encourage and remind them to continue living.

I am interested in the way of using lottery to create another picture and I am trying to develop and create some visual experiment based on this too.