Project update (visual) After open studio

Prare-ngam Legtsittiphan
3 min readJan 11, 2021


After decided to use embroidery as a technique in my work project. I try to find where I can make the craft technique to work with my topic “instant culture”. As my statement is “ Instant culture is a part of human.” I want to show that instant culture is everywhere around us which we might not ever notice before. We got influence easily by the commercial of each brand which make us end up buying or choosing something that might not necessary for us. Instant culture is related to the topic of capitalism and marketing, so I want to use the crafting part as an irony of the capitalism. I choose to do cross stitch for my final project.

What I am missing is how to visual these phenomenon into something that people can relate. So I think about the design of cross stitch that people usually do for their house decoration and I found these which I am interested to apply on my work.

By doing something like this I can put a lot of story in one piece of work, so now I am still working on the design of the work which I will update as soon as possible.

I also try to tell about instant culture not only by using picture of the products, but also think about materials that can be used to communicate aboout instant culture too.

this is the example of some stuff that I will include in the work. This one is the mock up of the detail.