Instant point of view

“We all have access to these devices now and we can be reactive photographers, but so often in this tangible method of being able to take a photo and seeing it develop in your hand or on your phone as soon as it goes digital we have the ability to completely edit it. So often we don’t see that first outcome. It’s a filtered version of reality.” — Cara Leepson, Redux’s executive director

I read an article about the art exhibition named instant gratification. The technique that Ashley Jones used is polaroid pictures. She said that the instant polaroid camera give her an opportunity to become both phographer and artist at the same time. She used polaroid images to describe her moment of time because the image comes from something that happen in that moment and her picture also has been developed in her hand after she took the shoot.

It is one of the example of something instant that most of people in my age familiar with.

After consultation this week I try to list of the instant objects or services that I can think about and try to categorise them into a group because I have been struggling with the subject that I want to use in my visual exploration. I want to do a craft work to represent the labor that making the products that make other people more convenient while they still getting low wage and bad quality of life.