Everything can be artificial intelligence

The internet is everywhere. It’s absorbed most of the essential civic, commercial, and social activities of the world… yet, we can’t see it — James Bridle

This is a quote by James Bridle in New ways of seeing podcast on BBC radio. I am agree with what he said and also believe the same as him. I know that internet along with media and technologies are what really booming at this time. Internet has been connected with human life for many years now and it starts to penetrate into our society which sometime we might not be able to see the different.

Artificial intelligence or Ai is a machine that was created and program to think or act like human. It has been introduced to the world for many years. The first Ai that I know is the robot in the ramen noodle shop in Japan. They use the robot to make noodle for the customer in the shop instead of hiring chief or use human labor. At that time it is really something new for us. But something like that can still be seen as a machine. Like the google glass or even Siri on apple devices. Even how smart or look like human they are we still know that the are machine and technology that was invented by human. But what I have saw about 6 months ago has change what I am thinking. Our world now have influencers who are not a human, but can do anything like us and some people might not recognise that they are not a real human. Miquela is the first Ai robot influencer on. the instagram with 2.5million followers.

She posted her daily life on the social media, writing caption, show her personality and fashion style like what normal teenager do online. This is something new for me. She even has job as a musician and doing a cover, she also live with real people or went on the TV show. She live so normal that I forget she is a robot. This can show that the internet is really everywhere and it absorb to our social life. She even shows her standpoint that she support Black life matter. She post about the black life matter on her instagram and educate people about it and also write the #Blacklifematter on her instagram bio. This is a big step that change my perception that internet is invisible for me. There is not just her that is a robot influencer. There are a lot more of them that sometimes I think they are observing our ways of living. Or even think are we all living the same pattern or not that even Ai can analyse on how she should look like what style of clothes she should wear to become famous Are all have the same/alike social media identity?

Bermuda is one of the artificial intelligence robot.